Manifestation and Law of Attraction

Given the right amount of energy, emotion, intention, and action, The Laws of Creation, which are also called the Universal Laws of Attraction, can get you whatever you wish for.

Obviously this art – of getting what you want, of creating reality – can be mystifying and  strange, which is perhaps why we have been hiding away from these truths for generations.  Yet it truly is both incredible and real – a human ability that fulfills the prediction: “As a man thinketh in his heart so he shall be.”

Video: Getting What You Want

The very first modern day conceptualization of the methods, techniques and actions needed for co-creation (with the Law of Attraction) was formulated y Napoleon Hill, writing in the 1930s, his ideas being summarized in his finished work “Think and Grow Rich”.

Hill made the observations about the mysteries of creation in coded form. Yet he set out, for all men and women, an explanation of how to understand the material world and the creation of its content.

And he looked at each of the foundations, the corner stones, the concepts which are essential to quickly attract the things you desire … money, material goods, sex, relationships…. or any other aim.

As always, that is to say as usual in every author’s material on the topic written on the basis of experience, the key component behind manifestation is an extremely clear goal and the ability to visualize yourself as if you already – yes, right now – have that situation in your own life.

Detailed imagery is crucial, because this picture can summon a particular object or person to you. Of course, there has to be a real, purposeful reason or a good, wholesome motive for you to try and achieve this. Simply thinking how nice it would be to win the lottery won’t work!

This is because without a powerful force, without fervent desire to do something with the cash, you are not going to have the emotional energy that fuels the process of creation.

As many folks have observed, including Napoleon Hill, a pioneer in this area, fervent desire and complete belief – call it faith, my friends -about attaining your goal are both crucial for that goal, whatever it may be, to show up in your life.

Napoleon Hill also stressed that it was crucial to possess support in the process of creation. And another crucial element that Hill spoke of over and over again in Think and Grow Rich was the need to have unquestioning faith in the likelihood of achieving your desired goal or outcome.

To put it differently, in the event you feel any questioning, any doubts, or any uncertainty, or if you don’t believe that you can reach your objective, there isn’t the smallest possibility it will show up. So use some constructive systems to get rid of your doubts: classical counselling or shadow work is a good method of doing this.

Ways To Attract What You Would Like To Create and Manifest

A lot of people ridicule this whole area. More fool them ! Still, many of us do not believe in The Laws of Creation, which are also called the Universal Laws of Attraction.

However if you follow the explorations of writing on the specific subject, the interesting thing you appreciate is that even as way back in time as the first cave paintings, a very few select people have been using the techniques of achieving the objectives they desired to have in their lives, using techniques such as creating and visualizing a new objective reality, and co-creation.

Sure, this type of process appears mysterious and  magical, which is maybe why the facts have been kept in obscurity for so long. Yet there isn’t anything occult or even mysterious about this. It is incredible but real!

And human knowledge is lagging behind people’s experience and success in manifestation. But that’s OK! Some things we cannot know… but consider this: haven’t you always been much more successful at achieving yrou desires when you set a clear intention? Have you ever, for example, tried to diet without being serious about it? Did it work? Hardly! So for a quick diet, you need motivation. And this is true of all areas of life – money, health, weight loss, dieting…. whatever you seek to achieve, you can only do it if you have a clear intention. Simply buying a fast weight loss diet off the internet won’t do it!

You need to picture yourself in every detail, achieving your desired objectives and seeking out the most powerful and motivating image for what you want to look like. So it is with all desired outcomes  – you need to hold a vivid mental image of the outcome as a program for the brain… a mental blueprint, if you like.

Napoleon Hill made the observation as long ago as 1924, that the key to creating your reality is to explore all of the concepts which are needed to successfully manifest coincidences – the synchronicities which lead to outcomes. Should you desire more money, better relationships, business success, or for that matter, anything else, the key component of manifestation would be to start with a very clear aim and to imagine yourself as if you already had it in your life. Detail is vital: a clear image backs up the attainment of  a specific objective. And you need a great reason why you want a particular objective.

You see, without an emotionally driven motive, you will not possess the emotional force that fuels the process of creation. As many people have made clear, both fervent – intense – desire and total faith – belief – about the chance of you getting what you want are vital for it to manifest!

So figure out what it is that makes your heart fill with joy, and then set out to reach that goal.

Hill also emphasized that it was crucial to get support in the method of creation. He advocated what he spoke of as a mastermind group.  This means that if, or when, a group of individuals work as one, as a mastermind group, they manifest an energetic field which exploits Universal Laws of Creation to help all members of the group experience stronger belief in the likelihood of attaining their chosen outcomes.

In other words, to investigate into the subconscious mind, and establish feelings and better beliefs which allow them to work favorably on what is normally a long and slow process, to reach results faster – so they can apply the Law Of Attraction and co-creation immediately and effectively.

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Text Your Ex Back – One Way To Restore Relationship!

So you might have heard of one of the most popular programs available around relationship issues today — it’s called Text Your Ex Back and is available on the Internet from many sources, including the original website established by Mike Fiore. Check out Texting Your Ex Partner for more information.

Over the years, of course, because it’s such a popular subject, many people have copied his information and presented what they call “review copies” – which in fact resemble nothing more than a cheap parody of the original material, and as, you can conclude fairly easily when you look at them, are designed to do nothing other than sell the program.

Text Your Ex Back

Text Your Ex Back


I have written a site which I believe is significantly different, and significantly better than this — it’s called Texting To Love  and it’s a site whose purpose is not to review the program, but to actually tell you what’s in it, so that you can decide for yourself whether or not you want to buy into it.

So before we go any further, one of the points that you need to know is that Text Your Ex Back is a program that is designed not only for people who’ve ended a relationship, but also for people who have been “dumped”.

There are 11 modules in the basic program, which cover all aspects of relationship breakup and make-up — and should, hopefully, allow you to get back with your ex-partner.

The first module is called Text your ex back introduction — and this offers ways to deal with the emotional pain you may well be feeling after a breakup your ex-boyfriend or a breakup with your ex-girlfriend.

That of course is extremely useful information, but it’s not going to re-establish the relationship — what you need for that is Module 2, which explains clearly and simply why breakups actually take place. Now that you’ve been dumped (or you have done the dumping), no doubt you’re having some kind of conversation with yourself about your break up. Module 2 of Text your ex back will help you understand that conversation and sort out your real feelings.

The third module is called The Big Goal. This is all about discovering precisely what you now wish to take from the relationship — that may be nothing, it may be knowledge and information, it may be understanding, or of course it may be clarity that you actually want your relationship back.

Module 4 what will help you get ready to process your desire to have a new relationship with your old partner. And, make no mistake about it, that’s exactly what you need to have — for, if you have the same relationship again, the outcome is very likely to be the same — a breakup.

Module 5 is called Text Judo — a rather strange name, but what it means is using your ex’s emotions to convince them that actually you’re the one (and only) person that they need in their life right now.

Module 6 is called Across The Bow, and this represents the starting point of a serious attempt to use SMS text messages on your mobile phone or tablet to reconcile with your ex-partner using the proven methods described in the program.

It may seem very strange to use text messages to communicate with an ex-partner, but there is actually a great deal of sense in it — it’s unemotional, it’s factual, and it can convey information in a way that perhaps is wiser (after a breakup, at least!) than seeing someone face-to-face.

Mike Fiore

Mike Fiore

Mike Fiore gives you all the information in modules 7, 8, 9 and 10, that you may need to explain how to communicate – in this particular form of messaging – with an ex-partner to achieve the outcome that you desire. (Getting back together, yes?)

It’s not something that you should attempt without the guidance and support of Text Your Ex Back, but done correctly, what you’re going to find is – hopefully – that the material included in these 11 moduless, each of which comes with a video introduction, will lead you in a natural series of steps from breakup to make up.

The idea is that you work on the modules at the rate of one a day — in doing so, you’re going to find that Mike Fiore provides simple instructions about why SMS messages actually represent a good way to repair the fractures in your relationship.

You’re also going to discover why text messages can be used to gradually increase intimacy and connection with your ex-partner.

It’s entirely possible, of course, that your ex may not see things the way you do, and perhaps they will respond with anger or hostility — if so, That Text Your Ex Back provides you with a way of defusing their anger and hostility so that you can actually get them back onto your side.

Of course the material is in an e-book, on MP3, and on video recording, so you can watch it all over and over again — but the point that I really like about Text Your Ex Back is that the purpose of every module is described in detail, so that you’re never in any doubt about what you should be doing next — and that is true regardless of what’s going on at any time between you and your ex-boyfriend or you and your ex-girlfriend. In short, it comes highly recommended.

In addition, you have the support of the text your ex back community, which is a fantastic resource and should certainly provide you with all the support that you could possibly do desire


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Dieting And Losing Weight

I guess you’re here because you’ve had thoughts about dieting and losing weight? Well, be advised you certainly have a challenging road ahead. If it were easy, anyone would do it. Many individuals who choose to slim to  look good end up not ultimately making it. They don’t have the will power.

Don’t reflect on getting fat and looking awful. Think positively! Dieting and losing weight requires, absolutely requires you to be self-confident and strong-willed. We all know that.

You’ve already started with a major step just by being ready to diet and slim and lose weight. Many individuals mess this up because they just did not understand what precisely they were getting themselves into. Not you!

Dieting and losing weight successfully is something that means you are tenacious, devoted and – hopefully – prepared. By looking forward and making certain you are self-confident and caring about yourself, you are taking the initial step toward preparing for the arduous task of losing weight – fast! And I know a quick route to do that – the Venus factor diet and weight loss program.

Click here to learn about the Venus Factor.

The vensu factor recommends food like this
A good diet – and the Venus Factor – makes it all so much easier….

Ask yourself again: Do I want to look after my health and live a happy life? Think of that question carefully, because people who do diet and weight loss successfully possess one major thing in common: they are self-confident. So you need self-confidence in order to make your objective around dieting and losing weight a reality.

You ask: “Do I want to feel good and preserve my health, avoiding heart attacks and strokes?”  You could not have made it to this point if you replied “No”! The individual who wants to diet and lose weight has a unique personality which ultimately leads to success.

Dieting and losing weight involves your mental determination just as much as it involves your physical motivation. Obviously, dieting and losing weight can be extremely physically demanding, so by developing a strong mentality you could equip yourself for a triumphant victory!

For all time, women who lose weight successfully have had one thing in common. They knew exactly what was necessary, and were more than prepared and able to face it first hand. What could we learn from that? Simply that when you are ready to slim, you need determination to conquer this challenge! Well, you have it! Nobody can stop you!

Bear in mind that being disciplined about diet and exercise is the ideal method to ensure your success. If you begin to feel burned out, keep in mind that by simply being disciplined about diet and exercise you can conquer this challenge. Let’s move ahead to preparing for your diet and weight loss experience!

Top Tips on dieting

Dieting And Losing Weight In Everyday Life

When you slim for three months or more, you may discover that dieting is impacting other areas of your life. Indeed, dieting and losing weight can be a fairly major challenge – a  life choice that shapes you in lots of  ways.

Yet dieting and losing weight helps you in every aspect of your life. You start slimming so you look good. Then, considerations such as weight training and exercising, controlling your urges to eat as much as you would like, and being disciplined about diet and exercise are all transferable skills that you can use in every part of life, useful skills, before, during and after you achieve your goals.

Whenever you view dieting and losing weight as a lifestyle instead of a goal, you find it easier to adopt the practices that ensure your success. Such modification in your attitude has a more meaningful purpose beyond achieving a single goal.

The greatest thing about dieting is the self-confident you that emerges – and confidence can make its way into other areas of your life. This makes you a more self-confident person overall. Whenever you slim so you look good, you are preparing your body for what may follow: longer life, better sex, greater fitness….. so many good things come from losing weight.

Using the Venus Factor may attract a man

Get the man of your dreams when you look this good!

Whenever you slim you are going up against yourself. You show you care about yourself, self care being needed to slim, and more importantly, to enhance your overall life. When you diet and lose weight, you actually depend on your body for energy. Feed it well!

You may  attempt to determine if dieting and losing weight is an action that is recommended for you. These particular questions are ultimately lifestyle questions:

Do I want to look after my health and live a happy life?

Do I want to feel good and preserve my health, avoiding heart attacks and strokes?

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About Dieting And Losing Weight

Dieting and losing weight is clearly different from anything else you will ever undertake, and you need to plan respectfully and thoroughly. You shouldn’t approach it like anything else you may have done previously. If you want to truly succeed with slimming to look good, you ought to equip yourself for the special challenges that dieting and losing weight presents.

We want to analyze the path you will take – and please note you will not be on your own! – to dieting and losing weight successfully. We could add support to ensure success –  a different level of victory.

Please consider a couple of things we suspect would help you look good. Before dieting and losing weight, you should figure out and make certain that slimming so you look good is the right fit for your lifestyle.

Video on weight loss

The easiest approach to this assessment would appear to be to ask yourself these distinct questions:

Do I want to look after my health and live a happy life?

Do I want to feel good and preserve my health, avoiding heart attacks and strokes?

Do I value myself enough to look after the easiest aspect of self-care – diet and exercise?

All being well, your answer to these three questions was “yes”. These approaches and techniques are common among people who try to diet and lose weight. You have already taken the initial step towards your goal! And the Venus Factor is another essential step in the right direction…… you can click here to learn more.

Following are a few of the steps to try out for yourself right now

Weight training and exercising

Regardless of how much you wish to diet and regardless of how much weight you want to lose, it is undeniable that weight training and exercise are a necessity right off the bat.

So start practice in weight training and exercising right now, before you get into the guts of the things you need to make happen.

Controlling their urges to eat as much as they wish

Dieting and losing weight would be a mental process just as it is a concrete one. Mentally, you ought to become self-confident and caring about myself. Controlling their urges to eat as much as they wish daily can help you focus your energy on accomplishing your objectives. Carving time out of your regiment to controlling their urges to eat as much as they wish assures that you would be ready as soon as your time comes to diet and weight loss.

— Being disciplined about diet and exercise

The most critical misstep that anyone could experience when attempting to diet and weight loss is failing on this important step. If you resolve to not consciously practice being disciplined about diet and exercise, it can be tough. This is how contingent dieting and losing weight is on being disciplined about diet and exercise. If you do not know how to be disciplined about diet and exercise, then go on reading because we will focus on that here!

Dieting and losing weight is challenging – so is preparing. Dieting and losing weight can be a long process that involves on average three months or more. Start out right and make sure you progress in the best way possible. Get advice, get a personal trainer. Get The Venus factor. That’s the best advice I have to offer.

These particular practices can make it easier for you to diet and weight loss. So if slimming so you look good appears daunting, consider beginning with these practices to determine if you could do it on a regular basis. Similarly, apply a parallel thought process if completing your goal seems completely unfeasible. If you could regularly and reliably do that, then working for three months or more on a diet and weight loss plan should feel very worthwhile.

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